Applicants from Ireland

Since 2016, Irish teachers have become in high demand by popular UK agencies as the continuous battle to employ extra teachers continues in schools. Ireland has seen a shortage of jobs in recent years, so with this more and more teachers are looking to secure a role in London.

Moving to London to secure a teaching job will be a life changing experience for teachers, as they will be able to move up the carer whilst learning about different cultures.

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What do Irish teachers need to teach in London?

If you are a qualified teacher in Ireland and registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland you can apply for a QTS in the UK. Your QTS status will allow you to start work in a mainstream school and paid under the school teachers pay scheme.

The starting wage for a teacher in London is £28,096 however there are endless opportunities that allow you to move further up the ladder and get a higher wage under your belt.

Is the national curriculum the same as Irelands?

The National Curriculum in England has both similarities and differences to the subjects that are taught in Ireland, therefore it is advised that you carry out thorough research so you have a full understanding of it.

Take a look at our UK School System article for further details.

London vs. Ireland Living Costs

Just like most capital cities around the world, it can be expensive to live in London, however, if you use your budget wisely you will never find yourself at a loose end and will be able to enjoy the thriving culture and social life.

Even though the living costs in London are slightly higher than those in Ireland, the teaching wages allow you to live comfortably.
Flights from Dublin cost as little as £18 for one way, so you can travel back home frequently for less than a few drinks in the pub!

For more in depth information on the likes of accommodation and travel, please see our living costs in London article. At the moment the current exchange rate is 1.15 euro to 1.00 British pound.

Take a look at this Dublin vs London living costs table.

If you would like anymore information, please comment below and check out our London teaching jobs if you are yet to secure a position.

Apply to teach in the UK from Ireland

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