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Abby Acre
over 9 years ago by

The Advantages of Supply Teaching

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The benefits of teaching on a supply basis are attractive to a growing number of professionals year on year. The teaching landscape is fast moving with many teachers today preferring more flexibility and control of their careers; swapping the prospect of a working life possibly restricted to one school, to a path of variety, change, and challenge.

The reasons more and more teachers are turning to supply teaching are many and varied, if you were to ask ten supply teachers the reason they prefer to work this way, chances are you would get ten different answers – it seems to tick a lot of boxes, with a lot of people. Listed below are some of the most popular reasons why many teachers have opted for this change in career path that might help you decide if being a supply teacher is a good choice for you and your career.

Flexibility and Lifestyle

Supply teaching gives you more control of your time, allows you to fit work around your particular lifestyle and commitments, rather than the other way round. Some teachers only want to work part time and wish to spend more time with loved ones or follow other pursuits.

If you don’t want to commit yourself to a long term teaching post, and want to work only on certain days, then supply teaching could be the perfect solution, with daily supply teaching you do not have the burden of marking homework or planning lessons, giving you more time for other things.

Retired & Semi-Retired Teachers

In these times of longevity, some teachers do not wish to retire and say goodbye to the classroom completely. With supply teaching, you can do as little or as much as you choose, often in whichever location you please. Your teaching experience is invaluable, an asset and is in demand.

Retired and semi-retired teachers often do not have the same financial burden as teachers of a younger age, therefore they do not rely on a full-time salary each month to maintain their desired standard of living, and work, life balance.

Variety and Broader Horizons

Often teachers stay in one school for many years; in fact, some teachers don’t have experience of teaching life in any other school. To some, this is desired a comfort zone of security and while this may offer familiarity and pay some benefits, teachers feel unfulfilled professionally and seek a path of variety, broader horizons and greater challenges.

Recently Qualified Teachers

An increasing number of newly (and not so newly) qualified teachers opt for the supply teaching road; rather like test driving a new car before making the final choice… before committing ones self.  Supply teaching offers you the chance to experience different schools, geographical locations, age groups and subjects; it allows you to make more informed decisions regarding your career and the routes and options available, now and in the future.