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about 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Teachers Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills

2206   Fostering Entr Skills

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Entrepreneurial skills are not only needed in businesses; they can also be adapted to the education industry!

With this, we don’t mean teaching your class to sell cars or craft profitable business plans (although that’s not a bad skill set!); it's more about implementing characteristics, thinking methods, and skills into day-to-day routines with your students!

So, what entrepreneurial skills can you implement in your classrooms to help the future generation?

Positive Characteristics

We know how much teachers can influence students, so using positive entrepreneurial characteristics can hugely benefit a student's mindset for the present and future!

Entrepreneurial characteristics can be: 

  • Creativity

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Problem-Solving

  • Relationship Building

These characteristics and skills come naturally to some students, but reinforcing these behaviours and using them yourself can create and open up a new way of thinking for your students, helping them overcome new or existing challenges!


Networking and Relationship Building

The skillset to interact and build relationships is incredibly important for entrepreneurs, but this can be challenging for a few students, so this isn’t to be forced, but rather to nurture and guide students who will struggle.

Introducing communication skills can set a student up for their whole life; creating friends and being able to explain and talk about different subjects is not only beneficial for a student’s self-progression, but it can also give other students confidence.

The Success of Failing

Failing is a big part of growth; however, it can upset and knock a student's confidence to rock bottom.

Rather than explaining how to do it right, teach your students that failing or not doing something correctly the first time isn’t a bad thing!

Nothing has been achieved without failing first, so try to encourage your students to keep trying, as each time something isn’t done correctly, they are learning and thinking of different ways to accomplish a goal or task!


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Problem-solving and decision-making are essential entrepreneurial skills, with problem-solving mainly focusing on overcoming challenges that arise, while decision-making is the ability to choose the most efficient or best course of action when tackling a task or decision.

For students, encouraging problem-solving and decision-making skills can benefit their school life and life in the outside world; from choosing different social life choices to overcoming personal challenges, these skills benefit all aspects of students' lives!

And as a teacher, to promote these skills, try to offer different ways of learning, ask a student to explain a choice they made in class, and further complement and highlight their intuition!


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