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10 months ago by Reeson Education

Creating a Standout Teaching CV

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Your CV is your chance to make a strong impression on potential employers and separate yourself from the rest of the competition.

But how?

While you may already know what your CV should look like and what sections to include, here are our tips on how you can create a truly standout teaching CV.

 Let’s get started!


Personal Statement 

Your personal statement is one of the first things a recruiter or hiring manager will see when they open your CV, so make it count!

The aim of this section is to really sell who you are as a person and give the reader insight into your experience to date, where you are in your career and your career aspirations.



Play to Your Strengths

Before diving into your career timeline, it’s often good practice to summarise the key skills, expertise, and experiences you’ve gained throughout your career that set you apart from other candidates.

 You could highlight your skills and expertise in classroom management, curriculum development, differentiated instruction, diverse learner needs, specific qualifications, etc.

This allows the recruiter or hiring manager to see a snapshot of how you could benefit the role or school and make a real difference.


Your Career Timeline


Your career timeline does what is says on the tin – provides a timeline of the positions you’ve held throughout your career. 

 Within this section, focus on showcasing your most recent experiences and emphasise your accomplishments rather than just listing your responsibilities.

Where possible you’ll want to quantify your achievements with specific figures and highlight where you’ve made the most impact on your students and the school. 

This could be driving change with student learning approaches, extracurricular initiatives, intervention programmes, mentoring or supporting professional growth, or specific project-based learning units to enhance student learning, etc.

Time to Grade Your Work

Once you’ve got your base information on the page, it’s time to put your grading skills into action!

 Make sure to go back through your CV and check spelling, grammar, and the overall flow of your sections.

 Now is also a great time to make sure you tailor your CV to the specific position and school you’re applying for. 

Referring to the job description, specifically the key responsibilities or requirements section, is a great place to start!


Now, Time to Find Your Perfect Role!


Our expert team have years of experience in the education sector and are readily available to support you in finding your perfect role.

If you’re thinking about the next step of your career, contact one of our team to see how Reeson can help.

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