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Abby Acre
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REESON Education Partners with Education CPD Experts, Thirsty Scholars Academy

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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with teacher and school support staff CPD course provider, Thirsty Scholars Academy!

As part of our continued support to our schools and candidates, we are now providing free CPD & training to our candidates, while also allowing our client schools to outsource their own training provision, thanks to this new partnership.

About Thirsty Scholars

Thirsty Scholars Academy is the perfect partner for helping us to offer CPD to our applicants. They have over 25 years of education and training experience in the public and private sector and offer a range of courses.

The experienced team at Thirsty Scholars are driven by supporting an individual’s growth and learning. They offer accredited training, blended training and on-demand courses that will help to improve skills for people working or aspiring to work in the education industry.

Their values include inspiring people to learn rather than telling them to learn, technology and how it can improve learning and training that makes an impact!

With this in mind, we are pleased to be working with a company who is equally as dedicated to supporting individuals with a passion for learning, in the education industry.

How CPD Courses Can Help

With the education industry thrust into the limelight over the years, there are lots of people choosing to work within the industry. CPD courses can help these people in a number of different ways.

CPD courses help to ensure a person’s abilities keep pace with current standards of those in the same field. They also help you to maintain your own standards of professional capability in your area, while helping you to stay relevant and up to date.

It is important for those in the education industry to feel confident in their own abilities. CPD courses can keep you interested and confident in yourself and your skills, which will in turn, make you a better candidate for employers.


Our new partnered training provider is allowing us to provide free access to a portfolio of cloud-based, accredited training and professional development courses, for our candidates to better themselves and further their careers.

We are confident that this partnership will improve applicant and client schools experience with REESON Education, a leading provider of education recruitment.

To enquire or for more information, please call a consultant today on 02038410777.