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Abby Acre
over 4 years ago by

How to Enjoy Your Time off Over Christmas

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The time has come! It’s time to lock up your laptops and enjoy some well-deserved time to yourself. When the Christmas holidays roll round, it’s important that you relax and unwind so that you can come back in the new year feeling fresh. Making sure that you avoid burning out is essential – especially as this is the time of year to be jolly. If you’re struggling to switch off, here are some tips on how to enjoy your time off over Christmas.

Get as Much Sleep as You Can

Sleep is vital for a teacher’s career. Passing your wisdom onto children can be tiring, which is why getting as much sleep as possible is so important. Enjoy going to bed early and waking up late. The best bit about annual leave is the fact that there are no alarms to wake you up in the morning.

Avoid the Work That Can be Avoided

While away from the classroom, you want to try and stay away from anything work related. Though you may have some lessons to plan or work to mark, keeping this to a minimum over the Christmas break is important. You may be tempted to use this time to catch up on things, but remember that you deserve a break too.

Make Social Plans with Friends and Family

With such a hectic work schedule, it can often be difficult for you to spend time with your friends and family. Annual leave is the perfect time for you to make arrangements. So, plan ahead and think of some nice and enjoyable ways to be with your loved ones. If you’re struggling with what to do, here’s a list of London-based activities.

Turn off Your Emails and Social Media

We live in a world where people are glued to their smartphones and tablets. However, taking some time away from these devices can really help you relax – even if it’s just for a couple of days. Switch them off and you’ll switch off too. Distract yourself from the obvious fact that your phone is no longer in your pocket by keeping yourself active. You may want to get out of London for a day or two, and here are 5 of the best places to visit near London.