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Abby Acre
over 4 years ago by

6 Ways to Create a Happier Classroom

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It’s a well-known fact that if an environment is happy and comfortable, then the people in it are too. The same applies to a classroom and the students that occupy it. So, as a teacher, is there anything you can do to make school an enjoyable time for pupils? Here are 6 ways to create a happier classroom. 

A Warm and Happy Welcome

Many students find school a daunting experience, especially when first day nerves kick in or when they’re joining a class halfway through a term. Try introducing yourself before they start at the school so that they’ll feel like they already know someone. Being a friendly face can be the comfort blanket that someone needs to feel reassured as they’re more likely to feel welcome and appreciated. Not just this, but it’s also a great way for you to build rapport with your students

Use Humour While You’re Teaching

A great way for you to create a fun and happy learning environment is for you to start using humour. No matter the teaching method you apply, it’s essential that it’s not monotonous. To do this, take every opportunity you can to make your students laugh. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of laughter? Why not set aside some time at the end of a Friday afternoon to lighten the mood and boost morale and atmosphere.

Give Them Time to be Social

Let’s not forget that being at school isn’t just about maths, English and science. It’s the whole experience that your students are going to remember. In fact, building relationships with fellow pupils and expressing themselves is likely to be a large part of what they enjoy the most. Children love to play and be vocal with one another. So why not allow them to do this in the classroom? Giving them the freedom will show them that you trust them, which will help you to gain their respect. While teaching, let them discuss the subject or topic with the person who is next to them. Or if you finish the lesson a little earlier than planned, let them talk freely among themselves until the bell rings.

Let Their Brains Rest

How much information do you take in if you’re talked at for too long? Research has shown that students are much more likely to soak up information and learn quicker if they’re allowed some time to rest their brain. A quick 5-minute break will help the students to refocus on the main goal of the lesson. Set aside some time in your lesson planfor a game or fun quiz which is loosely related to the topic of conversation. You’ll definitely see an improvement in engagement as well as happiness in the classroom.

Offer Students a Choice

If you tell a student what to do, they can often become reluctant to do it. That’s why, if you give them a choice, they’re much more inclined to want to do the task as it’s the one they’ve chosen. By letting them choose how they learn or in which way they do it, you’re going to create a happier classroom.


If you need more support and guidance on teaching jobs in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team here at REESON Education. We’re recruitment and education specialists that are always on hand to provide teaching advice. It’s essential that you create a happier classroom when you’re trying to help your students be the best they can be.