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Abby Acre
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FREE Level 3 Safeguarding Courses Available

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We are excited to announce that REESON Education have partnered with an established training provider to offer FREE Level 3 Safeguarding Courses to Head Teachers and Deputy/Assistant Head Teachers of London Primary Schools.

REESON Education are committed to safeguarding, providing CPD and improving the provision of education and we are therefore delighted to be able to offer these courses to our client schools completely free of charge and without obligation.

Safeguarding in schools is very important and in recent years rapid improvements have been made to ensure that good practice safeguarding procedures are in place to protect the safety of children. Safeguarding helps to ensure that strategies have been put into place to provide a safe environment for children, promoting safe and unsafe practices along with acknowledging any children that are at risk of harm or maltreatment. Ofsted regards safeguarding as high importance in schools with inspections carried out to ensure correct regulations and procedures are followed through.

“Ofsted adopts the definition of safeguarding used in the Children Act 2004 and in the Department for Education and Skills (now DfE) guidance document Working together to safeguard children, which focuses on safeguarding and promoting children’s and learners’ welfare”. – GOV

Guaranteeing and promoting children’s safety is a procedure that must be complied with by teaching staff. At REESON Education we committed to making sure teachers receiving the necessary training for their roles therefore, we are offering Head Teachers and Deputy/Assistant Head Teachers the opportunity to gain a level 3 safeguarding qualification which supports leadership roles.

Level 3 Safeguarding Course

This course will provide leaders with a detailed knowledge that defines safeguarding in schools and the protection of a child’s welfare. It will help teachers recognise and understand what they need to do if they believe a child is at risk. A leadership safeguarding certificate is considered an asset to your school and will provide Ofsted with the acknowledgement that your school complies with policies and procedures.

As a Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) you will develop your competence and confidence to carry out procedures together with managing the effectiveness of day to day safeguarding strategies to ensure they are complied with in the school. It is important that the DSO of Primary Schools attends a course at least every 2 years and each participant of this one day course will receive a Level 3 DSO Safeguarding Certificate.

An opportunity not to missed, places are limited so for more information or to book a place please call REESON Education today!