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Abby Acre
about 4 years ago by

Top 5 Benefits of Teaching Overseas

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Learning about overseas options when it comes to teaching can really heighten your potential experiences as an educator.

Here at REESON Education, we are looking for teachers from all around the globe, particularly from Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to move to the UK to fulfil a role of teaching to eager pupils. Unsure whether or not to pack up for the big move? Below, we have the top 5 reasons as to why you should take the leap.

1. Experience

Having knowledge of teaching overseas on your resume will definitely set you apart from other applicants, if you ever decide to apply for other jobs. Not only is it a shining gold star on your CV, but it also allows you to experience different international adventures that you would not be able to in your own country.

2. Explore the World

Teaching can be the key to you being able to travel around the globe, but also whilst being paid to do so! Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, new foods and learning languages – what is there not to love?

3. Make a Real Difference to the Lives of Others

Sharing your experiences with pupils may even inspire them to lead a similar life to that of yours. Connecting with your students is the key to being a successful educator and leaving a great impression, for them to aspire to be the same. Overseas teaching can help you be a role to your pupils and allow them to learn more about the world, through your eyes.

4. Become a Member of a New Community

Meeting new people and making new friends is always exciting, but is much more amplified abroad. You will have the opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life and get involved with local events, traditions and activities. There will be plenty of new things for you to discover in your free time when you’re not teaching.

5. Learn More About Yourself

Venturing into new territory can really aid in building character, so you may even discover something new about yourself, rather than just the culture. When returning to your native country to visit family etc, the switch in cultures will have you shocked and you can learn about your culture all over again whilst also figuring out who you are.

After reading about all the greatest benefits of moving to a new country to teach, if interested, you can apply for an overseas teaching job over at the Overseas Applicants page of REESON Education to find out more.