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Abby Acre
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CV Advice for Teaching in the UK

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Approaching your CV for the first time might seem like a daunting task but our guidelines can help you create it with ease, allowing you to include all the vital information you need and to create the best impression of yourself.

You need to remember that when writing your CV it needs to be specific to UK schools, requirements may differentiate from a teaching role in your home country.


Structuring your CV properly gives employers a clear breakdown of your personal details and skills along with your relevant experience. The content should consist of one to two pages, with punchy and compelling language. Summarise key points, for example; what you have accomplished in your career, any achievements that you have had and your personal attributes that make you stand out to employers.


It may seem obvious, but ensure that your CV is structured properly so it is clear to read.

The ideal font size to use is 11 or 12pt.

Use bold to make your headings stand out.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement must demonstrate your personal skills, background knowledge of the role, relevant work experience, your work ethic, achievements and aspirations.

Your overall structure should consist of;

    • 1. The introductory paragraph: stating why you want to work in teaching and why employers should choose you?


    • 2. Relevant work experience: self-developments, achievements and objectives


    • 3. Why you have chosen to work with this age/key stage group


    • 4. Valuable skills and additional courses

    • 5. Concluding paragraph: commitment to teaching, your workplace skills and your future career goals

If you have any more questions, please comment below.

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