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Abby Acre
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UK Living Costs

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The general basic living costs in the UK are considerably lower compared to other countries, however, it can often be expensive to live in London if you are unaware of the thrifty ways to live within your budget. Here we talk about UK living costs.


The cost of living will vary depending on the area of London that you choose to live in meaning it’s essential to carry out thorough research on the specific areas and towns. This is the best way to find out the ideal location to live and work, that is affordable.

See below for a breakdown of costs based on a flat share for regions within London:

  • East London: £430-£600 PCM

  • South London: £350-£650 PCM

  • North London: £430-£550 PCM

  • West London: £459-£690 PCM

A one bedroom flat in any of the above areas would cost an average of £600-£800PCM (not including bills).

It’s important to not let initial living costs deter you from applying for a teaching job in the UK, as potential earnings for jobs is higher than other areas in the UK. The average salary for jobs within inner London starts from £28,000.

Take a look here if you are looking to flat share. You can place an advert to tell tenants that you are looking for a room or you can search for rooms to rent in your desired areas. Then SpareRooms helps you to choose a room that is suitable for you, by giving additional information about the tenants that you would be living with and the opportunity to communicate with them.

Travelling Around London

Even though London is a massive city, there are quick and cost-effective ways to travel around to get from A to B. The cost of travelling will depend on which zones that you are travelling to and from. For example, inner London areas zones 1 and 2, are the cheapest travel zones.

Check out this useful tube area map, it will help you to determine your locations and marks out the inner London tube zone. Also, you can find useful information on this map that shows walking times from each location which can come in very convenient and save you money.

Weekly travel cards can be used on the underground, trains or buses with prices starting from £33 weekly, or monthly travel cards start from £126.80. Alternatively, you can use an Oyster card to travel by bus, tube, tram, rail and overground which acts as a smartcard to allows you to travel through the different London zones.

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