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Abby Acre
almost 4 years ago by

Finding Work as a Supply Teacher

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Many teachers today are considering a change to supply teaching, and many have already done so. We have discussed the benefits of supply teaching in previous posts and how for some, it offers more flexibility and control of their careers. It provides the prospect of a more balanced working life; one unrestricted by the confines of one school and over familiarity.

Having made the decision in favour of change, the first question is how to find that first job. In previous years, when demand for supply teachers was higher than today, finding a job was much easier and many teachers handled the process of finding work themselves. However, times do change.

If you love your job but are thinking about taking on a new challenge, then take a quick look below at just a few tips to help you on your way. When you want to take things further, and decide to explore the market place – then contact us here at REESON Education.

Established in 2006 by a group of experienced teachers, education professionals and recruitment specialists, we are London’s premier recruitment agency. To view a selection of current teaching positions at some of London’s premier schools, simply visit our website, or call us to discuss your areas of interest.

Be Flexible

Be willing to teach different year groups. This is useful when work is hard to come by, and helps broaden your horizons and provide valuable experience.


Be organised, plan and stay in constant touch with your agency. Call early each day if you are not pre-booked.

Registering with Multiple Agencies

It is debatable whether this is a good idea. The pitfalls here are over booking, missing prime bookings and overstretching yourself. Many find it better to register with one established agency.

Be a Good Teacher

This is what we all aspire to be. So it’s important to get off to the right start. This may mean putting in a little extra effort but it will get you up to speed quicker and get you noticed. Many schools see supply teachers come and go but do recognise a motivated, hard-working teacher and will often request them back.

Integrate, Become Part of the Team

Walking into a new school can be a little daunting at first, even for highly experienced teachers. Supply teaching confronts the newcomer with the proverbial steep learning curve frequently – here a little research time can pay dividends and make life easier.

At REESON, we spend the time getting to know both our schools and our teachers. We care about education and the provision of education and have established an excellent reputation with schools and teachers alike. We offer the best rates of pay and a personal professional service.

Upload your CV today and be guaranteed that we will do our best to match you to your perfect working environment.