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Abby Acre
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Reasons to Teach Abroad

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Teaching abroad with REESON Education is the ideal way to soak up a different culture, pick up a new language, and gain some great teaching experience as well.

Coming to a new country to travel abroad offers you a very different, and many people think a better, experience than you have when you come to that country as a tourist.

Moving abroad to teach gives you a purposeful existence in that country, and places you within a community of like-minded people. Making new friends and learning more about the rhythms of daily life in a new culture.

Whether you already speak the language of the country you are moving to, or whether it is not a requirement of the job to be already fluent, you are sure to brush up on your linguistic skills whilst you are teaching internationally as well. These are just a few of the advantages of opting for a teaching post abroad.

In general, to teach abroad, you will need a minimum of two years’ teaching experience. However, if you do not have this, many of REESON’s clients throughout the world are now willing to grant teachers with less experience NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) status so that they can teach as well.

The basic qualifications that you will need, though, will be a teaching qualification, such as a PGCE or a PGCert or a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (if you wish to be an English language teacher abroad). Having a BA, Masters, or PhD degree in the subject or subject area that you are teaching will of course stand in your favour as well, as it shows depth of knowledge and expertise, as well as demonstrating that you have an interest in the subject.

Just imagine it, lunching on tapas in Madrid and perhaps enjoying a trip to the world famous Prado museum on your day off before heading in to work the next day to teach some engaged and interested students all about a subject that you love. Or, make new friends in China and learn to cook authentic Chinese cuisine together in the evenings, to impress your friends and family back home.

There really is something to be said for the old adage that travel broadens the mind. Moving abroad to teach, whether just for a ‘taster’ year or permanently is a fantastic way to open your mind to new ways of thinking, learn respect for other cultures by growing more knowledgeable about them, and find new horizons for yourself and your career as well.

Whether there is a particular country that you have always longed to live in, or whether you are just keen to escape the British weather and have an adventure whilst you are at it, we have international teaching opportunities to suit all tastes. A period of teaching abroad looks fantastic on your CV, and is a brilliant way to launch an international teaching career, or to consolidate an already successful career that is well underway.

Are you toying with the idea of teaching internationally? Has this article whetted your appetite for the unique experience that is working in another country? Make sure to take a look at the further information about teaching abroad on the REESON Education website. And, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

An application for a position to teach abroad could be one of the best decisions that you ever make, changing your life for the better and giving you vital life and career experiences that will always