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over 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Developing an Effective CPD Programme

2202   Bitesize Guide  How To Develop An Effective Cpd Programme

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Continuous professional development, or CPD, can increase educators’ confidence and competencies in the classroom.

This opens up new ways to engage with students, create engaging learning experiences, and develop a greater sense of purpose within their role as a teacher, teaching assistant, or member of the school support staff.

We’re back with a bite-sized guide to help you develop an effective CPD programme for your teaching and support staff!

Assess Current Skills

First, determine where your departments need additional support, development, or confidence boosts.

This can be done by assessing their current skill set, understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses, and working with them to gain a better understanding of their needs.

After identifying these areas, an effective training plan can be created and tailored to meet the specific goals your staff want to achieve.

The plan should ensure staff receive relevant and practical learning opportunities that help them develop professionally.


Choose Relevant Content and Delivery Methods

Everyone learns in their own way, so choose content and materials that will actively help your staff reach their goals and find the best ways to do so.

This could be through training courses, seminars, and workshops or by creating job-related tasks that can help your teachers or support staff become more proficient in their roles.


Promote Collaboration

Your school’s departments sharing experiences, expertise, and strategies, can increase overall knowledge and skills.

It provides a supportive network of colleagues who share similar goals and challenges and creates a positive, supportive atmosphere where teachers feel comfortable asking questions, seeking help, and sharing their experiences.

Collaboration can encourage more reflection and self-awareness, which leads to a better understanding of teaching and learning.

Celebrate Successes

Recognising the hard work and successes of your staff helps to bolster morale, reinforces a positive school environment, and can encourage an even greater commitment to meeting the department's goals.

Certificates, awards, and promotions can provide your teachers and support staff with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.


Seek Feedback and Evaluate

Receiving feedback, as always, is extremely beneficial to have.

Try to collect feedback from participating teachers on programme content, delivery methods, and overall experience and use this feedback to make improvements.


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