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about 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Empowering Neurodiverse Education

1502   Empowering Neurodiverse Education

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Championing neurodiversity within your classes creates a wealth of equality and inclusivity that benefits your student's learning within the class.

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term referring to a group of neurological disorders and conditions that can affect a person’s ability to learn and their way of life.

Here are our top tips to empower neurodiversity within your school!


Awareness and Understanding

Awareness and understanding of neurodiversity among educators are critical within schools.

It ensures that all staff members are aware of any difficulties that could be present at your school and can help your staff members understand the various learning styles available, and better support neurodiverse students.

Inclusive Practices

Multi-sensory instructions/resources, visual aids, and flexible seating arrangements are just a few examples of how classrooms can better meet the needs of students with neurological differences through the use of inclusive teaching practices activities.

This will not only be inclusive of neurodiverse students, but it can also help other students in the class to understand tasks better and create a positive learning attitude.


It’s always good to provide reasonable accommodations and class support to your neurodiverse students.

This can be achieved by offering extended time in test situations, using assistive technology, and having a quiet learning environment option.

All of these can significantly benefit neurodiverse pupils’ learning and can increase productivity and success.



Try to implement collaboration opportunities for your neurodiverse students.

Collaborative learning is an effective way to foster social interaction, provide support for neurodiverse students, and build teamwork skills.

Create an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance by listening to their ideas, valuing their contributions, and working with them to develop strategies that support their learning.

Celebrate Diversity

Neurodiversity is an amazing part of the human experience and should be celebrated!

People with different neurological capabilities have much to offer society, and we should embrace their unique talents, skills, and perspectives.

Celebrating inclusivity creates a positive environment inside and outside of schools and builds a supportive space that values each student’s unique qualities and skills on all levels.

Continuous Professional Development

Remember, every day is a school day!

Offering ongoing professional development opportunities for educators is hugely beneficial to deepen their understanding of neurodiversity; research and development is always evolving, so keeping on track with different techniques and methods is important.

This can improve support for neurodivergent students within your classrooms and create a positive learning culture for your teaching staff.



Assessing the results of your initiatives and programmes can only help in the long run.

Review the successes and failures of your efforts and the school's, and think about how you can make changes to the plans and processes to better accommodate students with neurodiversity.


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