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about 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Creating a Positive and Productive Classroom

2203   Best Practices For Creating A Positive And Productive Classroom

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Having a positive and productive classroom environment is the key to shaping a child's education journey.

It is more than just a room with chairs and desks; it is a place where students can feel respected, heard and able to learn.

When a classroom promotes a growth mindset and sets clear expectations for behaviour and achievements, students are more likely to take risks, ask questions and participate in discussions.

Here are some things you can do to create a calm and structured learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Positive Classroom Culture

A positive classroom culture creates a safe and supportive environment for learning, empowering students to develop resilience, perseverance, and promotes a love of learning.

This can be done through establishing clear expectations, achievement criteria, rewards, fostering positive student-teacher relationships, and promoting a growth mindset in

your classrooms.


Effective Classroom Management

Effective classroom management requires a multifaceted approach that prioritises the individual needs of students.

Set clear expectations for behaviour in your classroom, and promote student autonomy, encouraging them to take ownership of their learning and responsibility for their actions.

Additionally, incorporating student-centred activities and promoting active learning can help keep students engaged and invested in their education.

Instructional Best Practices

Effective instructional practices involve incorporating technology, providing frequent feedback, and using a variety of learning strategies, such as cooperative and project-based learning.

Using differentiated instructions that prioritise individual learning styles can help ensure all students feel engaged and supported.

Successful instruction requires adaptability and innovation to meet the changing needs of learners.

Supporting Diverse Student Needs

Tailoring your lessons to meet the individual needs of students can truly help them thrive.

This could be done by providing extra support to students who are struggling, offering enrichment activities to students who need additional challenges, and incorporating assistive technology to support students with disabilities.

Supporting the different needs of students creates an inclusive and equitable learning environment where all students feel safe and welcomed.


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