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over 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Finding and Keeping Top Teaching Talent

1503   Insights Into Attraction And Retention

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Attracting and retaining top teaching talent is a concern for senior leaders across schools. In today's teaching workforce, issues like pay and workload have led to recent strikes, making it challenging to hire and keep the best educators.

At Reeson Education, we speak to hundreds of candidates each week, and we have helped thousands of teachers and teaching support staff secure long-term and permanent roles.

Here are our insights on how schools can set themselves apart from interview stage to retention of existing staff.


Workload Management

Highlight how your school employs innovative approaches to reduce the time and workload around essential tasks, making teaching more manageable.

  • Does your school utilise alternative feedback and marking techniques such as 'live class feedback'?

  • Do your staff teams share planning responsibilities?

  • Does the school use technology to analyse student data and make recommendations for next steps?


Welcome New Applicants With Open Doors

New applicants need ample opportunities to gain a genuine insight into the school.

School visits, trial days, school tours, and access to other faculty members or students where applicable can help candidates get a feel for the school culture and teaching environment.

By allowing applicants to gain a better understanding of the school's unique features, you can increase the chances of them accepting an offer.


Flexible Interviews Matter!

Offering flexible interview dates and formats can be a game-changer for schools.

By being accommodating and mindful of candidates' needs, schools can demonstrate that they prioritise inclusivity and accessibility.

In doing so, schools can make the recruitment process more accessible, reach a broader pool of candidates, and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity.

It's a win-win situation for both the school and the candidates.

Champion Staff Wellbeing

Government funding is available to train a 'Mental Health Lead' within the school to champion staff wellbeing in a whole-school approach.

This can enable school staff to have the resources they need to manage their workload, reduce stress levels, and improve their mental health, making it more likely they will stay with the school long-term.

By promoting a culture of openness, encouraging conversations and reducing stigma, schools can create a more supportive environment for everyone.


Promote Unique Selling Points

Schools should promote their unique selling points to attract top talent.

Does your school offer onsite parking, generous planning time, training and development opportunities, a bespoke timetable that offers flexibility on certain days, or access to staff discount schemes?

Highlighting these features can help the school standout and attract the best candidates.


Start the Recruitment Process Early

Starting the recruitment process as early as possible can increase the chances of recruiting the best possible candidates.

With September recruitment in mind, starting early can increase your chances of finding the best candidates and avoid competing with other schools for the same talent.

Your Recruitment Needs

With a proven track record, we know what it takes to find the very best fit when it comes to recruiting teachers and teaching support staff.

We’re currently working with highly skilled teaching and support staff who are looking to commence roles asap and in September.

For help with your recruitment needs, please contact us on +44 2038 410 777 or at