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about 1 year ago by Reeson Education

Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

1003   Student Wellbeing And Mental Health

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With rising levels of stress, anxiety, and depression among students, poor mental health is a growing concern for students, as it can greatly impact their academic performance and quality of life.

Teachers and teaching support staff play a crucial role in identifying and addressing these issues.

By creating a safe and supportive classroom environment, prioritising mental health education and awareness, and connecting students with resources and support systems, students can become better equipped to manage their mental health and improve their overall wellbeing.

So, where do you start? Take a look at some of our tips!

It Starts With You!

Creating a culture of empathy and inclusivity where diversity and individual differences are celebrated helps students feel valued, respected, and supported.

Schools can help create this culture by promoting open communication and encouraging students to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged.

We highly encourage teachers and teaching support staff to participate in regular mental health training to learn how to identify and address mental health concerns effectively and implement strategies to support students with the help they need.

Creating Support Teams

Encouraging peer support networks, peer mentoring, and positive role modelling can help students cope with stress and anxiety.

Schools can empower students through peer-led mental health programmes, promoting positive relationships and a sense of belonging.

Positive role modelling can be encouraged by highlighting student achievements and creating student leadership opportunities.

Incorporate Mindfulness into the Curriculum

Incorporating stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and yoga into the curriculum can proactively support student wellbeing and mental health.

A holistic approach to wellness that prioritises physical and mental health is a great way to provide students with the tools they need to manage stress and anxiety.

Prioritising stress reduction techniques in the curriculum can create a positive learning environment, improve student outcomes, and reduce the negative impact of stress and anxiety on students' lives.


Beyond the School Walls

Schools can help students' mental health in a big way by putting them in touch with mental health resources outside of the classroom.

Collaborating with external resources such as community mental health centres, online support groups, and educational resources provides access to therapy, crisis intervention, and referrals to other community resources and services.

Schools can also offer mental health screenings and self-care strategies to aid students in recognising and managing challenges. This support beyond the school walls can help students thrive academically and personally.

Mental Health and Wellbeing for Teachers and Support Staff

Teachers who are equipped with mental health education and resources can better manage their own mental health and build resilience, which they can then model for their students.

This also makes it easier for teachers to identify and address student mental health or wellbeing issues.

Providing educators with training and resources, such as counselling services or stress management techniques, can help create a supportive school environment that prioritises mental health for both students and teachers.

Integrating mental health education into teacher training programmes can arm your faculty with the necessary knowledge and skills to support their students' mental health.

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