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Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom

The classroom should be a safe space where children can both feel comfortable and learn at the same time. And that’s why challenging gender stereotypes in the classroom is a subject that needs to be tackled. In a previous time, we were often told that a toy, sport or colour was only suitable for a… Read More

10 Steps to Developing an Engaging Lesson Plan

Lesson planning can often be quite difficult. It either ends up being repetitive or you get stuck for ideas and fall at the first hurdle. If you’re lacking inspiration for lesson plan ideas, don’t worry. The experts here at Reeson Education are on hand to show you how to make an engaging lesson plan that’ll… Read More

How to Build Students’ Confidence

Low self-confidence among students is terribly common. For many pupils, they dread having to stand at the front of the class, answer questions on the spot or read a snippet of text out loud. There will be many people in the classroom who don’t have an issue with any of those, though there will be… Read More

Promoting Active Learning in the Classroom

promoting active learning in the classroom.

Engaging students in the classroom can be a difficult task. Whether you’re speaking at the front of a lecture hall in front of 200 uni students or you are teaching a small group of 12 year olds, your words and actions influence what happens in the classroom. By utilising active learning methods, your pupils are… Read More

How Teachers Can Help with Cyber Bullying

how to stop cyber bullying

The new school year has begun and you’ve just kick-started your London teaching job. Throughout the year, you’re likely to face a wide range of problems. One of the biggest issues that you’ll have to overcome is cyber bullying. Though the internet can produce some wonderfully magnificent resources, consequences can be calamitous if children are… Read More

Make Going Back to School Easy

think positive teachers going back to school

Going back to school doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom. By taking a positive approach and pushing any negative thoughts to the back of your mind, you can overcome stress and become more optimistic. Changing your attitude and having a more positive and encouraging outlook on life will make your London teaching job much… Read More

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